LOL, The MyPillow Guy Was Just Banned From Twitter!

Mike Lindell’s Twitter account has been put to sleep!

Just like his bestie Donald Trump, the CEO of MyPillow has been forced to take a permanent rest from the social media site for continuing to push the baseless conspiracy theory that Trump won the election.

A spokesperson for the platform told TMZ that it decided to scrub the businessman’s account “due to repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy” — which was put in place in September to fight misinformation, particularly about the election.

Lindell was definitely a voice in that undying choir, continuously claiming that the election was rigged, even after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Earlier this month, Lindell called the siege on the US Capitol “very peaceful” and blamed the violence on “undercover Antifa,” while insisting that Trump would remain POTUS for four more years.

It’s unclear which specific tweet made Twitter pull the plug, but the noted Trump devotee told TMZ he’ll be contacting his legal team to figure out if any action can be taken. He also claims Twitter posted on his behalf on his own account during his initial suspension.

In the meantime, there’s always Parler

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