Louis Tomlinson Fans Can’t Believe How Much His Son, 4, Looks Like Him In Sweet New Photo

Freddie Tomlinson is his dad, Louis Tomlinson’s, mini-me! Briana Jungwirth shared a new photo of the four-year-old, and fans can’t get over how cute he is.

Louis Tomlinson’s son, Freddie Tomlinson, is growing up SO fast. The singer and Freddie’s mom, Briana Jungwirth, are fairly private about Freddie, but every once in a while, Briana posts new photos of the little guy on Instagram. The latest photo came on April 16, and it’s just TOO cute. In the pic, Freddie is laying on Briana’s chest, and he has a huge smile on his face. His blonde hair is showing, and fans are swooning over how adorable he is.

However, more than anything, Louis’ fans can’t get over how much he looks like the singer! The comments section on Briana’s post was filled with people pointing out that Freddie is basically Louis’ twin. “Mini Louis,” one person wrote, with a heart-eye emoji. Someone else added, “He’s so precious. Such a beautiful kid. Literally Louis’ twin.” Another thing that fans couldn’t help but point out was the temporary anchor tattoo on Freddie’s arm. Coincidentally, Louis’ One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, has the same tattoo in the exact same spot!

Louis was just 23 years old when he found out he was going to be a dad in 2015. The news of Briana’s pregnancy broke in July, and was confirmed a few weeks later. Louis and Briana only dated briefly, and there was some tension between them due to Louis’ relationship with Danielle Campbell at the time of Freddie’s birth.

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The status of Louis and Briana’s current co-parenting relationship is unclear. The 28-year-old is currently dating Eleanor Calder. He was actually with Eleanor before his hookup with Briana, and they got back together in 2017. During a Jan. 2020 interview, Louis revealed that things were very serious between him and Eleanor and admitted that he thinks he’ll marry her one day. And yes — he wants more kids, too!

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