Louise Minchin worries she’s ‘wasting her time’ with ‘boring’ BBC Breakfast routine

Louise Minchin says her job 'can be really stressful'

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Louise Minchin, 52, joined BBC Breakfast as a main presenter back in 2003, so to say she’s become accustomed to early morning starts might be an understatement. But still after 18 years rising at 2/3am, she admitted she couldn’t do it without a strict sleep schedule, but sometimes worries she’s been wasting her time as it steals away valuable time that could be spent with her family.

I just think, ‘Am I wasting my time doing this?’

Louise Minchin

The BBC star recently opened up on how she deals with getting up so early during the first half of the week, while chatting to Olympic skier & broadcaster Graham Bell on Decathalon’s podcast.

Asking her how she manages to live her life as normally as possible despite rising at the time she does, she revealed sleep experts recommended she try something that might help.

“At Breakfast I speak to lots of different people, and we’ve spoken to sleep experts over the years,” she explained.

“Somebody told me and, I’ve kind of taken his his advice, ‘Have a sleep in the afternoon for an hour and a half.'”

She was adamant that she would never sleep more than that specific time because it works well with her circadian rhythms – an internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle.

“No longer because I feel terrible and I do feel terrible if I have longer,” she nodded, having obviously learnt the tough way of trying to steal a few more hours sleep during the day.

“But that’s the one bit that gets me, it’s kind of like I know I have to do that because otherwise I just wouldn’t function,” she shrugged.

“I go to bed about 9:30pm at night, but I’ve got family.

“I don’t want to go to bed really early before all of them because that’s boring.

“And I just think, ‘Am I wasting my time doing this?'” she considered.

But after a brief moment Louise quickly dismissed the worries: “But actually, it probably keeps me going.”

Elsewhere, the BBC Breakfast host bid a touching farewell to BBC Radio 4 newsreader Corrie Corfield, who announced she would be leaving the Beeb after 30 years.

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The radio broadcaster admitted she felt “teary” since making her exit from the broadcaster, after first joining the corporation in 1983.

She broke the news on Twitter, writing: “And that’s that. I’ve read my last ever news bulletin on @BBCRadio4 & said a fond farewell to Continuity.

“What a pleasure and a privilege it’s been. Shall miss my fabulous colleagues hugely but have so many cracking memories to cherish. It’s been a blast. (A bit [teary emoji] right now).”

Louise was among those who replied with a sweet message, as she recalled their time working together in the newsroom.

In view of her 200,000 followers, the BBC star praised her former colleague and took the opportunity to wish her well in the future.

“Ahh Corrie take care thank you for being brilliant and all the times you cheered me up in the newsroom xx,” she gushed.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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