Love Island’s Yewande Biala’s terrifying Tinder date almost kidnapped her

Yewande Biala has revealed she worried her Tinder date was going to kidnap her after his creepy behaviour on their date. 

The former Love Island star revealed that the man seemed nice enough at first but later felt to see if she had underwear on and started scratching her legs with his fingernails. 

Yewande, 25, shared her terrifying ordeal on PrettyLittleThing’s Behind Closed Doors podcast, explaining: ‘I tried [Tinder] like many people and like many people I had a horrible experience, I nearly got kidnapped Oh my god!’

She didn’t name the man but referred to him as ‘Bob’, saying that although he didn’t look like his photos, he wasn’t ‘too bad’. 

Yewande explained: ‘I got my mam to drop me somewhere close-ish enough from the house. Picked me up, looked at him and I thought: “Not too bad! You don’t look like your Tinder picture but you’re not too far away.” Grand.

‘We were in the car, we got to the bar, got some drinks it was going grand. I said to him: “Listen, I thought you were gonna be a psychopath but turns out you’re actually a decent person.” We laughed, whatever.

‘Then we were heading back to his car and with me, obviously most people know, I’m not really the most affectionate type of person. 

‘When I say I don’t really like affection I’m being deadly serious. It does take me a while and I’m not messing.

‘So he kinda so he had his hand around my hip and my waist, I was a little bit uncomfortable because unless I get to know you, I’m hesitant when it comes to touching.’

Yewande revealed the creepy reason he was rubbing her hip, explaining: ‘But then I soon realised that he wasn’t just grabbing me by the waist he was checking if I was wearing knickers! 

‘I could feel his fingers going up and down multiple times, so I was thinking: “What are you trying to do?”‘

She says that despite it being ‘sign number one’ that something was not right, Yewande thought it might be because she isn’t comfortable with physical affection too quickly, and still got in the car with him. 

Things took a darker turn once she was in the car, however, as she revealed: ‘He’s driving me home, and this guy starts feeling my legs. Not feeling… scratching with his nails. For some reason he thought this was sexy. 

‘He starts scratching my leg and I’m thinking “Oh my god what am I gonna do? I have no credit, I can’t call anyone. I can’t actually jump out the car cos I was in the middle of nowhere and what am I gonna do?”

‘And then he starts like asking me what colour knickers I’m wearing and all these intrusive questions. 

‘I thought I was going to get kidnapped. I was like, this is how people die and get locked up in dungeons, like this is how it happens!

‘I was too scared to react cos I was like: “What if this goes south and he just goes insane? Then what am I going to do?”‘ 

Yewande managed to get away safely by getting her date to drop her off at a random housing estate so he wouldn’t know where she lived, and says he messaged her when he got home saying: ‘oh hey, I hope I wasn’t being too forward, hope you had a great time…’

The reality star and scientist revealed she deleted Tinder for a long time after that experience and knows that she would now no longer get in the car after the red flags she’d spotted on the date. 

The full interview with Yewande Biala is on the  PrettyLittleThing – Behind Closed Doors podcast.

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