Mackenzie McKee Explains Why She’s Back with Her Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad, Cheating Husband

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…

… Mackenzie McKee is back together with her husband, Josh.

Yes, it’s the same husband who admitted to cheating on the Teen Mom veteran last summer.

And the same husband who Mackenzie suspected of cheating on her earlier this year… with her cousin!

Granted Mackenzie eventually recanted this accusation, explaining instead that Josh was simply texting her relative in the wake of McKee’s mother dying — and Josh was seeking advice on how to be there for his wife.

But still.

This has been an unsteady marriage for well over a year, with Mackenzie frequently saying on social media that the relationship was over.

Earlier this month, however, Mackenzie shared photos of Josh visiting her in Florida, prompting speculation that the spouses are back together.

And now we can end the speculation.

It’s a fact.

Mackenzie and Josh are an item once again.

It’s not really any of our business and, hey, if the reality stars are happy, then who are we to judge (too harshly)?

And yet… it’s also understandable that a number of Instagram followers out there would have a number of issues with this reconciliation.

McKee has made a living by sharing every aspect of her personal life with the public, so comments about her marriage are sort of fair game, you know?

She asked for them, based on her chosen way of making a living.

Cut to this past Saturday and Mackenzie posting a series a series of pictures of her, her three kids, and, yes, their dad Josh.

This sighting prompted someone to remark in response:

“So confused as to why I keep seeing that douchebag?”

McKee, though, did not appreciate the tone of this inquiry.

“So confused as to why you follow me. The kids need their dad, bye,” she clapped back.

And this really may be what it all comes down to.

Mackenzie and Josh were high school sweethearts and share quite a history.

They also share Gannon, 8, Jaxie, 6, and Broncs, 3. We very much understand if Mackenzie is putting their interests ahead of her own here.

Even when Mackenzie moved her family to Florida from Oklahoma, allegedly to get away from Josh, she was seen wearing her wedding ring during her transition.

“She’s been wearing her ring the entire time. I’m not shocked. She had it on when she was packing the car and on the beach,” wrote one follower in response to the news that Josh is sharing a bed with his wife again.

Another added: ” “Who is actually surprised by this? They will never split up. Never.”

It’s getting hard to argue that point, isn’t it?

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