Madison Beer Says She's 'Officially One Year Clean Of Self-Harm' In Inspiring Message To Fans

Madison Beer is opening up about something very near and dear to her: one strong, clean year of good mental health!

The 21-year-old singer shared a series of screenshots to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday night, revealing first how it’d been exactly 12 months since she last self-harmed. That alone is worthy of a celebration for a good, healthy last year — but the inspiring young celeb went even further than that!

The Selfish singer first drew attention to the important milestone with a screenshot of her calendar app, which showed off a reminder of the one-year anniversary date (below):


Love that she’s made it a full year like this, with vastly improved mental health and habits. That IS a major milestone!

The New York native wasn’t done there, further posting this inspirational saying in that same vein immediately after the calendar snap:

Love that quote!!! Very inspiring… and very true. Clearly in a self-improvement mood, the Hurts Like Hell singer continued on with more from there, adding this one next:

Amen! Back to specifically celebrating her fully clean year after that, the Stained Glass songstress further showed off a bouquet she’d received from a loved one in support of all her hard work and self-care:

Loving it!

Finally, the pop princess shared one more image in an attempt to contextualize and frame what she went through in the hopes that it could help others out there suffering from similar issues or problems:

Doing good for and by her fans… always love to see that happen! In all… wow.

Beer was discovered by Justin Bieber as a 13-year-old, of course, and while outsiders may see that as the fast track to stardom, it’s pretty clear from these IG Stories that the young pop star has been through more than many of us could have ever guessed. It just goes to show: you never know what people are going through, and so it never hurts to be kind to everyone you meet! We’re all going through unseen battles. Here’s to Madison Beer, for hitting this major one-year milestone in hers!

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