Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Get Candid About Finding Love & Their First Duet, ‘Chasing After You’

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are opening up about their romance.

The country stars got candid in an interview with CBS This Morning.

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“We’ve written a lot of songs together and for each other. But this is kind of the first time we’ve stepped out in this way,” Ryan said.

“Chasing After You” is the couple’s first duet together, released on Friday (February 12).

“It really reminded me of Ryan and my story, getting together, when we first met,” Maren added.

The two first met as songwriters back in 2013, and wrote the song “Last Turn Home” in their first writing session.

“It’s like, ‘Hey, Tim McGraw recorded this song, we should probably keep writing together,” Maren explained.

Maren is really good. That was it. I mean, I was always just in awe with the way she could sing and the way that she could write, like, just different songs than anybody else. So that, I mean, that’s intimidating and special at the same time,” Ryan explained.

Ryan proposed to Maren in 2017 in a rowboat at his family’s lake house in Michigan.

“I was being a nightmare that weekend. I wanted to be engaged. I also was like, ‘Well, it’s Fourth of July weekend. If he doesn’t propose to me this week, then he probably never will,” she laughingly said.

“I had this ring in my pocket for like a month. It was in my jeans. Like, that’s some country stuff right there,” Ryan added.

“And then Ryan‘s like, ‘Oh, I think I forgot your cigarettes.’ And I literally, this is what I said before I was proposed to. I said, ‘Then why the hell are we out here?’ And I look back, and he’s on one knee…with a ring,” Maren said.

They were married in 2018 and last March, their son Hayes was born, and Maren endured postpartum depression afterward.

“It was sort of like, how do I help her without agreeing with her? I’m not gonna go do that. I’m not– I mean, I’ll go sleep in this other room if you want me to, but we never even did that…it was just stickin’ around and letting her move past that moment,” Ryan said.

“I honestly, I watched my interview with you [CBS This Morning] back in August, and I was still in it when I was talking to you, even if it had lightened, the fog, at that point. I just look at how different of a woman you were talking to just, you know, six months ago. So it is crazy how it takes a while for it to lift. It’s not overnight,” Maren reflected.

The two also talked about working on new music.

“And as much as I miss being on stage, this is the only time I’ll probably ever have, you know, until I retire that I have this time to myself with my family, with my creativity, with my songs. So I’m trying to really just not take it for granted,” Maren said.

“I love that you think you’re gonna retire. That’s.. that’s never gonna happen,” Ryan joked.

“Yeah, probably not,” Maren said.

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