Mariah Carey Provides Sneak Peak At Memoir

Mariah Carey recently shared a sneak preview at her upcoming memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” on social media.

“Excited to share a small glimpse of a chapter from my memoir #TheMeaningOfMariahCarey,” she wrote on Twitter, showing a page with a story about her early days.

In the memoir, the pop singer recalls her mother entering her in a talent competition, where she sang one of her favorite songs, “Out Here On My Own,” the iconic Irene Cara ballad from the 1980 musical film, Fame.

“I felt ‘Out Here on My Own’ described my entire life, and I loved singing that way — singing to reveal a piece of my soul. And I won doing it. At that age. I lived for the movie Fame, and Irene Cara was everything to me,” Carey added.

“Coincidentally, it wasn’t until after I had written about ‘Out Here On My Own’ in the book, that I found it in the vault while making The Rarities. Totally meant to be,” she tweeted.

“The Meaning Of Mariah Carey” is scheduled to release on September 29, while her upcoming album The Rarities is due out on October 2.

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