‘Married At First Sight’ Star Jamie Otis Reveals She Gained 55lbs & She Shows Off Her Beautiful ‘Natural’ Bump

Jamie Otis got real about her pregnancy in a series of videos on Instagram on May 3. The reality TV star, who is 39 weeks pregnant, enjoyed ice cream in bed and revealed that she’s gained 55 pounds during her pregnancy.

Jamie Otis has a hunch that she’s carrying a “really big baby.” The Married at First Sight alum, 33 —  who is 39 weeks and expecting a baby boy with husband Doug Hehner — got candid about her pregnancy on Sunday night. In a series of since-expired videos on her Instagram Stories, Jamie was admittedly shocked by how much weight she’s gained this time around. Jamie and Doug are already parents to daughter Henley Grace, 2.

“I have a week until I’m full term — like, 40 weeks, I mean. So I still have time to go. And I’m like, ‘I don’t know how I got so big?’” she said in the clip, before showing off her tub of ice cream. “This is what I do every night. It’s either this or milk and cookies.”

Jamie, who lounged in a blue and white lace top, captioned one video, “I’ve gained 55 pounds in this pregnancy. She joked, “I don’t know how I gained 55 pounds. I mean, this must be a really big baby.” Jamie added in the caption, “Not sure how I gained so much weight?! Btw — I prefer peanut butter ice cream but we ran out.”

(Photo credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram)

On the same night Jamie revealed her weight gain, she shared two intimate photos of her nude pregnant body on Instagram. She discussed her previous pregnancy hurdles in a lengthy caption and revealed that she refuses to be negative about her aches and pains at this stage. In January 2019, Jamie suffered a miscarriage — her second in four months at the time and her third overall.

“I promised God I wouldn’t complain about any pregnancy pains if he’d just let me keep this baby. Monday I am 39 weeks pregnant!!! I wont complain about the waddle, the Hemorrhoids, the fatigue, and back pains – God’s kept his promise and I’m keeping mine!⁣” her post began.

Jamie, who previously revealed that her and Doug have named their unborn son, Hayes, said she has one regret about her pregnancy.

“If there’s one thing I wish I could go back and do differently, I’d put more effort into bonding with @babyboyhehner throughout my whole pregnancy…,” she wrote.

“I’ve held my breath from the moment the fertility specialist said I’m pregnant. I tried my best not to show my fear bc I only wanted to put positive energy out for this sweet baby boy growing in my belly,” Jamie said.

“With each pregnancy milestone I felt more and more confident we wouldn’t lose him, but I never felt “safe” to just let all my guards down…which unfortunately prevented me from truly bonding with him.”

She continued, “I’m really hoping to deliver my own son. I want to pull him out and bring him up to my chest and just LOVE on him. I can’t wait to smell his newborn scent & stare at the wonder of his tiny toes. I am so excited to have a home birth and have the opportunity to have the calmness of my own home so that I can bond and connect on a deeper level with our baby Hayes.”

Jamie, whose due date is May 11, revealed that she tested negative for COVID-19 in a celebratory Instagram post on April 26. She was 37 weeks pregnant at the time.

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