Martin Kemp talks ‘obsessive’ fans who travelled from Germany to his front door every week

Gogglebox: Martin Kemp tells Roman a story from his childhood

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If you’re part of a world famous pop band, you’re going to get heaps of fan mail and strange gifts sent to your door, and Martin Kemp, 59, has had his fair share of it all. Having joined the Islington born group in 1978, over the years he’s been propelled evem further into the spotlight having appeared in numerous films and reality TV shows and his fan base kept growing as his talents reached a wider audience.

Obsessive, some of them

Martin Kemp

But his son and radio DJ Roman remembered two fans in particular that were beyond dedicated to Martin.

So much so, that they would visit him every week. And it was quite the journey to travel.

The father and son duo are set to appear on The Jonathon Ross Show on Saturday night, as they take a look back at the musician’s esteemed career.

According to The Mirror, Martin speaks about some of his more enthusiastic devotees, who also stuck out in Roman’s mind, too.

The 59-year-old reportedly tells Jonathon: “Obsessive, some of them,” referring to some of his most memorable fan visits.

His son then chimes in with a recollection of two women in particular.

“I have this very vivid memory of having these two very pleasant women who would fly every week from Germany to our front door,” he remembers.

“They would turn up with chocolates every week to our house.”

And while the dedication didn’t go unnoticed, the gifts never made it past the family’s mouths.

“Listen,” Martin insisted, “I learnt a long time ago you never eat anything that anyone gives you!”

Roman also details when he first learnt about his dad’s fame, remaining adamant his upbringing was “no different” having a well-known father.

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He says: “You know no different, this is what your life is and what you’ve grown up with.

“There are moments in your childhood when you start to realise, my dad is someone.”

He quipped: “I’ve seen my dad die in 5 different ways, in movies. That’s odd!”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday at 9.35pm on ITV.

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