Martin Roberts apologises to desperate fan for late reply that ‘impacted their wellbeing’

Martin Roberts reacts to shortage of Flake chocolates

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Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts was very apologetic to one of his Twitter followers after he took two days to offer them some advice. The 56-year-old was given a situation to try and help with but having not seen the post, left the fan high and dry.

I’m very sorry for the tardiness of my response and realise the implication it will have had on your health and wellbeing

Martin Roberts

During his weekly Q&A’s, Martin is usually on top of the questions rolling in for him to answer, but last week was a little sketchy.

With the Q&A session going live on Monday 24 May, Martin didn’t get back to some fans until 26, much like the one in question.

They follower had found themselves in quite the predicament and decided to ask him for help.

They wrote: “It’s Monday, which means the chip shop is closed.

“Neither my wife or I will have chance to cook later, so which takeaway? Chinese, Indian or the curveball Pizza?”

They added: “An important question that requires careful consideration – I’m sure you’ll agree.”

Two days later, Martin did agree and hurriedly offered his sincere apologies for not getting back to them sooner.

“I’m very sorry for the tardiness of my response and realise the implication it will have had on your health and wellbeing,” he laughed.

“But I would run with Chinese.

He added: “I’m fascinated to know what happened.”

Whilst that question was a little more obscure, Martin also had queries that were more in his remit.

After a fan asked him about the worst property he’s ever visited, he admitted there’s one thing he can’t stand about a house and that’s if it smells.

If the property is in a right mess he isn’t bothered, it’s the smell of a place that really grinds his gears, especially if it’s a bad one.

Martin told of how he’s seen some pretty grimy houses over the years and revealed what it is about them that turns his nose up – quite literally.

The fan asked: “What’s the worst property you’ve ever visited, you go through the door and it’s like no way josè?

It didn’t take the presenter long to reply, penning from past experiences: “Probably ones that have had dogs left inside for a long time.

“I’m not bothered by mess, but I’m bothered by smell.”

His tolerance of mess was confirmed in a separate tweet, after another viewer wondered whether he was an “untidy person” or an “everything has its place” kind of person in his own home.

Martin giggled: “Oh, total chaos!”

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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