Marvel's Brie Larson Has Learned to 'Place More Boundaries' in Her Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting everyone, including celebrities. In an interview with W Magazine, Brie Larson discussed how “nerve-wracking” the pandemic has been. The actress, known for playing Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also shared how quarantine has helped her learn how to “place more boundaries” in her life.

Brie Larson on her life in quarantine

When quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic started, Larson found it hard to draw a line between her personal life and work.

“In the beginning of the pandemic, it was very easy for me to just work and work through the weekends,” she told W Magazine. “Now, I’ve started winding down once the sun starts to set. The sunset has become a cue to myself to say, ‘Hey it’s time to wrap things up. I’m not going to keep looking at the news, or keep responding to e-mails—I am going to use this time to wind down.”

She continued, “It is nerve-wracking. I’ve had to learn how to place more boundaries with work and my self-care. It just feels like everything can be so out of whack.”

The actress finds meditation is helpful

To help cope with these stressful times, the Academy Award-winning actress will take the time to meditate. Larson told W Magazine that incorporating this into her routine has helped with being at home all day.

“Sometimes I’ll do some breathing exercises, or I’ll meditate if I’ve had a particularly stressful day,” she said. “For me, it’s about what can I do that is transitional out of work into decompressing time, because when you’re at home all day I feel it’s very easy to let everything stick and hang on to you. It’s about knowing what’s the routine and what’s the ritual to get out of that.” 

Brie Larson started a YouTube channel

In July 2020, Larson started her own YouTube channel and began vlogging. In her first vlog, she explained that because she uses YouTube so much for guidance in her life, she felt it was a great place to publish her own content.

Since starting the channel, Larson has collaborated with other creators, showed her workout routine, told stories about her auditions as an actress, and released self-care content. W Magazine brought up Larson’s honesty on the channel, and Larson admitted she wants to do whatever she can to help others.

“What breaks my heart is to think of people in the world who don’t feel that they have safety within their own bodies,” she told the magazine. “That, to me, is my ultimate goal in life: to do whatever it is that I can so people have the freedom to express themselves and be exactly who it is that they want to be—whatever that is—knowing that that can also change.”

Currently, Larson’s channel has over 400,000 subscribers, making it apparent that her honesty is resonating with others.

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