McDonald's Employees Turn Down Armed Robber's Chicken Nugget Demand Because It Wasn't Lunch Time Yet

Just in case you didn’t realize how strict McDonald’s is about what time breakfast ends, there’s this…

An unfortunate criminal in England has been jailed for robbing a McD’s, but it’s what he demanded — and didn’t get — on the way out that is making headlines around the world right now.

Back in February, a man named Rudi Batten robbed a McDonald’s in the town of Yate, England — a small civil parish just southwest of the Cotswold Hills and about 12 miles northeast of Bristol city center. He was spotted on security surveillance footage at the time, and his robbery was memorable, for he was wielding a gun for it. Quickly, he escaped with cash from the register and even more after demanding the manager give him access to the store’s safe.

Here’s the kicker, though: the robbery took place early in the morning, according to Southwest News Service. That came up big because on the way out the door, Batten demanded the staff give him some chicken nuggets to take along, as well.

Just one (major) problem: it was still breakfast time, far too early in the day for the Golden Arches to switch over to their lunch menu, and ain’t nobody have time for that! Wanting to get the f**k out of the place he just robbed rather than wait around for nuggets to be cooked, Batten instead made do with a double sausage McMuffin. Filling, perhaps, but those nugs hit like nothin’ else!

In all, Batten reportedly stole the equivalent of more than $600 from the restaurant. He was almost immediately identified on CCTV cameras, and he turned himself into cops later in the day. At that point, police determined he wasn’t even carrying an actual gun during the robbery, but rather an unloaded .177 air pistol.

Still, brandishing a weapon like that is big trouble — especially in places like the UK, where they have about a million times more common sense when it comes to gun laws than we do here in the United States. This week, after Batten pled guilty to robbing the McDonald’s and owned up to his bad decisions — and his chicken nugget craving — a judge officially sentenced him to six years in prison. Ouch!!! That’s a long time to go with no McD’s in sight…

For what it’s worth, the guy’s lawyer claims the only reason he robbed the McDonald’s was to pay back some other debts. Surely, there’s a crazy (and maybe scary) story there. The lawyer also claimed Batten was “ashamed and embarrassed” by his actions.

Well, duh!

If you’re just going to turn yourself in later in the day anyways (which is a smart move!), you might as well wait in the store for the nuggets to cook and enjoy a few of them before being peacefully arrested and getting on with the court system. Right?!

What do U make of this hungry thief’s lust for chicken nuggets, Perezcious readers?! Have YOU ever been that down bad for those little crispy golden brown morsels?? What’s UR favorite sauce? Don’t like ’em? Who has the best nugs in the game? Share your nuttiest nugget-related nuggets of (k)nowledge down in the comments (below)…

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