Meghan Markle Takes a Hike Without Harry Day After Charles' Coronation

Meghan Markle was a no-show at her father-in-law’s Coronation this weekend — but she did attend Mother Nature’s daily offering of sunshine and blue skies … some 5,000+ miles away.

The Duchess of Sussex surfaced in public Sunday — the first time we’ve seen her out amid all the chatter about her absence during King Charles‘ crowning ceremony and all the festivities preceding and following it. Here, she’s on a hike with friends … sans Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle Is Spotted Hiking With Friends

Indeed, her husband was nowhere to be seen in this rare outing near their Montecito home — one in which Meg appeared to be getting some exercise with just a couple of longtime close pals … Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak, both of whom she’s known for years.

As you can see, MM looks pretty chipper. She’s got on quite the outdoorsy getup — wearing all-black athletic wear, sunglasses, a scarf and wide-brimmed hat. Very fashionable!

The Coronation

Of course, her vibe here is … well, just living life. No sign of concern or worry about having missed the big shindig — just her and her crew doing their thing outside and laughing it up. It’s interesting that Harry isn’t with her here — but, he did have a long flight home yesterday.

You’ll recall … he hightailed it out of London pretty much as soon as his pops had his crown on, beelining it to the airport to get back to Cali in hopes of catching some of Archie‘s bday.

prince harry coronation

It’s likely dad was pooped and might’ve been catching some shut-eye after a marathon day.

All good … wifey’s holding it down on the outside!

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