Michelle Heaton’s husband say she ‘wouldn’t have made it’ if he’d walked out on marriage

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Former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton has bravely opened up about her shocking battle with alcohol and drugs. But it was not just her health that was rocked by her addictions.

The singer has revealed her issues took a terrible toll on her marriage to Hugh Hanley – who has even gone as far as saying he doesn't think his 42 year old wife would have survived if he had walked away from their marriage.

Hugh told OK!: 'It would have been easier to walk away but I knew Michelle was in there and I didn’t want to give up on her. AndI knew if I walked away she wouldn’t have made it.

"I didn’t want the kids to grow up without their mother but it was definitely sometimes hard to stay," he continued.

During the frank chat, Hugh added that living with an alcoholic is "relentless".

"You question your sanity," he said. "The easiest way to describe it is like having mental boxing matches with someone. She was snappy, aggressive and had become sloppy with everything. She wasn’t the Michelle I married."

Hugh said that following her treatment in The Priory, Michelle has returned to her old self and the couple is now gradually rebuilding their lives.

He said: "But the best outcome is where we are now. The kids have a far better mum and she’s back to being the person I married."

Michelle revealed that at the height of her addiction, she was drinking one or two bottles of wine a day as well as downing vodka secretly.

She was also taking cocaine when "money and Covid" allowed. Following a successful intervention and a stint in The Priory she has now been sober for ninety days.

Michelle herself revealed that things got so bad that she suspected Hugh would walk away from their marriage. She said: "I would beg him to leave because I didn’t want to put him through the pain that I was going through.

"Of course I didn’t want him to go, everything would have crumbled around me if I didn’t have this man beside me now, but I couldn’t face him messing his life up. I knew I was in such a bad way and dragging him and the kids down.

'I’d say, “Just find someone else, I know you want to leave.”

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