Miles Teller Reveals Wife Keleigh Sperry Got Him a Toilet For Christmas One Year

Keleigh Sperry once got Miles Teller a toilet for Christmas.

The 33-year-old actor opened up in a new interview about the peculiar gift and what led to her purchasing that for him for the holidays.

During a virtual meet-and-greet with Navy members while doing press for his upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick, Miles explained to the service members about his love for Japan, where one of the individuals was based.

He added that his love ran very deep for the country and especially for their bathroom fixtures.

“I was in Tokyo and that was the first time I used one of those Toto toilets. You know what one of those is, dude? It’s a heated toilet! And it sprays you and then air-dries you. They know what they’re doing over there!” Miles exclaimed.

He added that Keleigh “got it for me for Christmas, which was really nice of her.”

“I put it in the downstairs bathroom so everybody could use it. And they spend so much time in there, it is ridiculous.”

In the same interview with Men’s Health magazine, Miles opened up about the 2019 Esquire interview that questioned if he was a d*ck.

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