Monster Truck Carrying DMX's 'Casket' Heads to Barclays for Memorial

DMX is going out with a bang in the streets of New York — where rows and rows of cars (big and small) are heading to the Barclays Center for his memorial … including a monster truck that’s supposedly carrying his casket.

Check out these videos of a straight-up monster truck that is carrying a red casket in its bed … which some folks believe is X’s. It’s unclear if that’s actually the case at this point — but at any rate, it’s a cool gesture … and just shows how much people love the man.

The monster truck was just one piece of the parade on wheels in Brooklyn — like we said, the streets were jam-packed with exotic vehicles and motorcycles … all of which seemed to be heading toward the Barclays Center, where X’s celebration of life event is being held.

Of course, a majority of these whips were blasting DMX music at full blast … which is appropriate. It speaks to the fact that X had a massive influence on street racing culture, and folks who have such rides are clearly down to pay respect to him as he’s laid to rest.

X’s memorial service is happening at 1 PM PT, and we’ll be streaming it live here on TMZ. Not everyone from the public is allowed to go in … due to COVID restrictions, only close friends and family will be inside. Still, from the looks of how many people (and wheels) are showing up … something tells us the surrounding area is gonna be packed as folks look on from afar.

NYPD and Yonkers Police have already warned of traffic delays in the area — and they were right and then some.

As we reported … X died earlier this month after suffering a heart attack.

He was 50.


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