Monty Don hits back at fan’s ‘big problem’ with lavish garden display: ‘What are they?’

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Monty Don, 65, responded after one of his 544,000 social media followers took issue with a post of his “Jewel Garden” that featured a rich display of blooming flowers and a glass centrepiece. A fan pointed out to the gardening expert not everyone could look after such a gorgeous space while they went “on holiday”.


Monty Don

Monty uploaded a snap of his beloved Jewel Garden that he has spent decades building alongside his wife of nearly 40 years Sarah Don.

He captioned the post: “The Jewel Garden changes in August- the colours get richer, deeper- less light of touch but more intense.”

One of his followers queried: “But when it is holiday time, and people is on the beach, who’s take care of it? Big problem…I pay a gardener, but it is very expensive…and you, Monty?”

The star who fronts Gardeners’ World and has written over 20 books quipped: “holidays? What are they? !” (sic)

It was not long before his legions of fans stepped in to defend Monty.

One responded: “I know what you mean. I haven’t had a holiday for years I won’t leave my dogs in kennels.

Another commented: “holiday in the garden is the best holiday.”

A third said: “if I had a garden like that, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere.”

Monty has previously released a book on his Jewel Garden which shared how he and Sarah had transformed the muddy fields around their Tudor farmhouse.

The Jewel Garden was born out of the ashes of the couples commercial failure in the late 80’s when their jewellery business failed.

In the book, Monty spoke on how the outdoors saved him from the abyss of depression and how soil has healing powers.

On Gardeners’ World recently the star made a revelation about the plants in the garden which stunned some loyal viewers.

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Monty started by noting many have learnt from lockdown, that we “need our gardens” as much as “they need us”.

He then proceeded to show viewers how he likes to grow his “agapanthus” in pots.

The gardener revealed: “Now I do grow a lot of things in pots.

“And most of them are either because they are beautiful pots, or I want to use them as highlights and to create arrangements.”

However, Monty shared that “sometimes” he likes to grow things in “containers” to make them “grow successfully”.

He continued: “This is true for agapanthus because agapanthus grows much better if their roots are strained.

“Now if you have got very chalky soil or very stony soil that’s fine. You can plant them straight out.

“And they should flower and grow well, but if like me, you have rich clay loam, what will happen is the roots will just grow.”

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