Natalie Mordovtseva: I Must Forgive Mike to Get Back My RING!

Last week, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw Mike and Natalie take turns being wrong … and right.

Natalie was likely wrong to accuse Mike of cheating, Mike was wrong to bring her over before he was ready.

They were both miserable and more than a little miserable.

But Natalie didn’t want to give up … even if it meant swallowing her pride to be happy.

In this sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance Season 8, Episode 12, Natalie Mordovtseva calls her friend.

Honestly, the Phone A Friend option is underrated on reality TV — sometimes, they give good advice.

In this case, Natalie’s friend sympathizes with her, but offers encouragement.

“I understand,” Natalie responds on screen.

“But,” she continues, “Mike says he doesn’t love me as much as he used to.”

“And,” Natalie adds, “I haven’t got the ring back.”

“I’m not fiancee, even,” Natalie characterized her current and very uncertain status.

“I feel like he’s mad at me, or something,” she explained.

She was referring to the incident when she returned the ring to him angrily … just before he left Ukraine.

“It was impulsive mistake of mine,” Natalie acknowledged.

“Even though I was mad at him and upset,” she stated to the camera.

Natalie affirmed: “I shouldn’t have given ring to him two hours before he would leave.”

“But on the other hand,” Natalie expressed, “I don’t know how to fix it.”

That much has been fairly obvious all season.

Call him low class, challenging his IQ, body-shaming him, and trying to control his diet are not the answers.

Natalie’s friend suggests that perhaps Mike is playing hard-to-get, or something similar.

“But don’t you think it’s kind of hard on me?” she replied.

“Because I’m not 17 years old,” Natalie reasoned, “I’m 35.”

“And I really want a child,” Natalie emphasized.

She added: “I really want a family.”

“I’ve been through a divorce,” Natalie recalled. “It was so f–king hard for me.”

While Natalie paused herself to fight back tears of pain that were welling up, her friend spoke up.

“You’re very fast girl, I think,” her friend opined, referring to Natalie’s desire to move forward quickly.

“You needed time,” her friend added. Natalie did not disagree.

Speaking to the camera, Natalie acknowledged: “It’s true.”

“I make decision too fast, probably,” she admitted.

“And my expectation of Mike,” Natalie continued. “I should be more patient, to him.”

“I should slow down probably,” Natalie suggested to her friend.

“And just forget and forgive,” she continued, dropping perfect bait for an episode title.

“And,” Natalie emphasized, she should also “ask him for forgiveness.”

“Because,” Natalie reasoned in the preview clip, “it’s just destroying us both.”

In other words, as her friend phrases it, Natalie and Mike need to move past these “big resentments.”

This will be a positive change for them as individuals and for their relationship.

“Trust him,” Natalie’s friend advised, “and I think you will be happy.”

“You always say wise things,” she acknowledged.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Sunday’s episode to see if Natalie can follow this sage advice.

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