NBA YoungBoy’s Alleged Side Chick Speaks Up Despite YaYa Mayweather’s Denial

A woman featured in the ‘Outside Today’ hitmaker’s Instagram Story video admits her presence in the rapper’s house, after his girlfriend YaYa claims that it was her who was seen with him.

AceShowbiz -NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again could find himself getting caught in another drama involving girls in his life. On Thursday, April 23, he posted a video on Instagram Stories showing his life in home quarantine. It was all innocent had it not featured a woman, who is not his girlfriend YaYa a.k.a. Iyana Mayweather.

The woman, whose face was hidden behind YoungBoy’s head, appeared to be lying behind or on top of the rapper, who filmed the video with his phone camera in the mirror, while she was playing with her own phone. The same woman is believed to have also shared her photo taken in the same corner of the Baton Rouge-born star’s room.

Just a few hours later, YoungBoy posted another video, this time featuring his girlfriend YaYa. The awkward clip shows the daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. putting a mask on her boyfriend’s face while he’s holding a lit cigar.

Due to the presence of both girls at YoungBoy’s crib at around the same time, some people were speculating that they had a sort of three-way relationship. “Sister wives of Baton Rouge,” one dubbed the threesome. Another believes that they “are without a doubt in a polygamous relationship.”

Catching wind of this, YaYa attempted to set things straight by claiming that the woman seen in both videos were her. She took to Twitter to address the speculation, writing, “That was me in both videos on story his ain’t no ‘Yaya there too.’ ” She added, “let’s be very clear Yaya been here and the ONLY one that’s here dpwm.”

However, the other woman featured in YoungBoy’s video has spoken up and contradicted YaYa’s claim. Taking to her own Instagram Stories, she admitted her presence in the “Valuable Pain” spitter’s home, though she denied being in a polygamous relationship with the couple.

“BUT just know…I ain’t never ‘sister wifing’ it with a female.. or being in the same house. That’s wild and an assassination of my character,” so she claimed. “Ain’t nobody thuggin me like that. PERIOD.” The girl, who uses dreasymone as her Instagram name, added in another post, “The storyline was false…I never denied my presence. Relax.”

YoungBoy, meanwhile, remains mum on the confusion that he has started.

Should the polygamous claim be true, it’s interesting considering YaYa appears to have little to no tolerance with another woman who is involved with her boyfriend. Earlier this month, YaYa was arrested for allegedly stabbing YoungBoy’s baby mama LaPattra Lashai Jacobs when YaYa went to YoungBoy’s Houston, Texas home.

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