Neil Morrissey recalls awkward telling off on-set of The Night Manager after making joke

Neil Morrissey opens pub and wear thermals on set

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Neil Morrissey, 58, recalled the time he made an awkward impression on the director of The Night Manager, by cracking a joke that she didn’t deem funny at all. Susanne Bier directed the 2016 TV series, where Neil starred alongside Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander.

The director was very, very serious and oh, she was angry

Neil Morrissey

In a recent interview, he remembered reading through the lines with the rest of the cast but as he attempted to lighten the mood, his humour wasn’t welcomed by the boss.

“The director was very, very serious and oh, she was angry,” he laughed.

“So we’re in a giant shiny boardroom and everyone’s got suits on, as have I, and we’re running the lines.

“I said something funny to lighten the mood, added an extra line or something, and everyone laughed except her. She said, ‘It’s not funny.’”

Neil pointed out that she wasn’t aware of his reputation for being humorous.

He continued to tell Radio Times: “I love people to feel the energy. I love sets where there are toys to play with and props and I’m looking around going, ‘Ooh, what can I do with this phone?’ and ‘We’ve got to use that booze cupboard.’”

Since BBC’s hugely successful series Line of Duty, returned on Sunday night, fans have been wondering whether Neil’s slippery character DC Nigel Morton will make another appearance.

We last saw the retired officer at the end of series two, where it became clear he was faking his leg injury to receive disability benefits.

But even the cast seem to be calling for a return, with Ted Hastings actor Adrian Dunbar, believing the door has been left open for a re-appearance.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other press, Adrian said of Neil: “I would really like to see Neil Morrissey’s character Nigel [return], who’s still alive, he’s still out there, he’s still in possession of some information I’m sure of it.

“And I’d really like to see him back because, more than anything else, he’s probably the best entertainment officer that any crew ever had. And for that alone, you’d really want Neil to be on the job,” he added.

“Can we start something please?”

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Neil previously described his casting in the gritty police drama as a “breakthrough”.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “I’ve had a little breakthrough in recent years, I’m getting more drama roles.

“Jed Mercurio took a chance on me in Line of Duty in 2012 and from there I got other parts.

“It’s been great, but I never watch TV and think, ‘Oh, I wish I’d been in that.'”

Neil’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

But there was one exception.

“Except for Peaky Blinders. They’re running out of Brummies, so they need to get me in it soon,” he joked.

Neil’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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