Netflix’s New Cobra Kai<\/em> Teaser Brings Back an Old Adversary

We’re still waiting patiently for Cobra Kai Season 4. To hold us over, Netflix has released a new teaser announcing the return of a The Karate Kid antagonist: Terry Silver.

Silver first appeared in Karate Kid Part III, where he manipulated Daniel into performing karate moves that conflicted with Mr. Miyagi’s teachings. Daniel eventually defeated Silver in the All Valley Karate Tournament. Silver has yet to appear in Cobra Kai other than flashbacks and references to his past. Back in 1979, Silver bought the Cobra Kai dojo and gave it to Kreese.

Before buying the dojo, Silver and Kreese were in the military together during the Vietnam War. When both men are captured and forced to fight their fellow soldiers for their captors’ entertainment, Kreese takes Silver’s place just as the American forces come to save them. Silver says he owes Kreese his life, and he’ll do anything for the man.

In the Cobra Kai Season 3 finale “December 19,” flashbacks detail Kreese and Silver fighting together during the war. Back in the present, Kreese suffers a brutal beating from Daniel. After, he proposes a tournament to settle the long-standing grudge against him, Daniel and Johnny Lawrence. The next morning, Kreese makes a call to someone we can only guess is Silver to help in the upcoming tournament.

Silver’s introduction will up the stakes in the next season. Along with Kreese, Silver is known for performing unethical moves and manipulation both in and outside of official fights. Johnny and Daniel will have to have their guards up if they want to defeat both Kreese and Silver together.

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