Neve Campbell Was Apprehensive To Join ‘Scream 5′ For This Reason

Neve Campbell is opening up about her decision to return for the upcoming Scream movie, after starring in the original movies more than a decade ago.

The 47-year-old actress spoke about her return to the franchise and how she was on the fence about it.

“I’m excited to get back to it. I’m excited to see Courteney [Cox] and David [Arquette]. I’m excited to see this young new cast. I’m excited to work with these new directors,” Neve shared while appearing on The Talk this week.

Neve does admit she “had been apprehensive because, you know, our director, our incredible director Wes Craven passed away, and I wasn’t sure about doing a film without him.”

“But the new directors came to me with this beautiful letter saying that they’ve become directors and love film because of these films, and because of Wes, and they really want to be true to his story and his journey with these films. So, I was really happy to hear that,” she added.

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