Nicole Kidman: I wish I hadn’t ‘screwed up my hair by straightening it all the time’

I have previously been accused of “hating curly hair.” I do not! I just don’t like that permed-hair look (especially in 2020), but natural curls are lovely. I wish my hair had more curl or wave to it. Even when I’ve tried to curl my hair, it will only stay that way for about ten minutes. So not only am I jealous of women with curl and wavy hair, I’m jealous of women who can curl their hair and have it stay that way. Nicole Kidman always had curly, red hair. As she became more and more famous, her hair got strawberry blonde-to-flat-blonde and straight. Her hair often looked overprocessed and just kind of not-great. But slowly, she’s been bringing back the old-school red and the old-school curls. She spoke about that in an interview to promote The Undoing (where her character has red curly hair, as seen above).

Nicole Kidman is hiding her curls no more. In a new interview with The Sunday Morning Herald, the Academy Award-winning actress admitted that while she may only have a few regrets in her life, one is damaging her naturally curly hair with repeated heat.

“Do I wish that I hadn’t screwed up my hair by straightening it all the time? Sure,” Kidman told the outlet.

In the past few years, fans of the Big Little Lies star, 53, have often seen the actress rocking straightened hair or a blowout. Recently, however, Kidman has been making a transition back to her naturally curly locks, and fans have been loving it.

Aside from reminiscing about her hair, Kidman also told the Herald that she wished she had “been more careful with the sun” after previously facing skin cancer.

“But am I grateful to be around? Oh, yeah. And am I willing to share my knowledge, what I’ve learnt along the way? Absolutely,” Kidman added.

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I’m including some photos of Nicole from last year, in the span of June to September 2019, when she was filming The Undoing. She had three different hair colors and haircuts and hair styles, which makes me wonder if her old-school red curls in The Undoing were… just a wig. I hate to think it! But I do wonder if her hair is just too screwed up and overprocessed now, and she’ll never get those curls back! Also: I’ve never believed that blonde or strawberry-blonde looks good on her and I’ve never understood why she keeps insisting on it. It washes her out! The red-red color makes her look younger.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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