Nigella Lawson first husband: What happened to Nigella Lawson’s husband?

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Nigella Lawson is a food writer turned domestic goddess and has become known for sharing her love of cooking with the nation. Tonight (Friday, October 16) sees the TV cook take on some familiar traditional recipes as she adds a twist. But what is known of her first marriage?

What happened to Nigella Lawson’s husband?

Nigella and her first husband John Diamond were married nine years having tied the knot in 1992.

The food writer and John welcomed daughter Cosima and son Bruno during their marriage.

However, five years into their marriage John was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997.

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After a three-year battle, he later died on March 2, 2001.

Back in 2018, Nigella spoke of how John encouraged her to publish her first book How To Eat.

She tweeted: “This time 20 years ago, I was at the launch party for my first book, How To Eat.

“Looking at this photo makes me happy, but also very sad. I wish I could be in John’s arms now.”

While sharing a recipe for an apple and walnut crumble, Nigella spoke of the sentimental meaning it has to her.

She continued: “I’ve chosen this in particular as it was a real favourite of my husband John’s.

“How To Eat would never have existed without his urging and encouragement in the first place.”

Nigella also spoke of John during a BBC Radio 2 interview in 2015.

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During the interview, the celebrity chef spoke of how John encouraged her to pursue a career in TV.

The TV star said: “I was a journalist – not a food journalist, but I did do quite a bit of cooking.

“As a consequence, I cooked for editors quite a bit.

“John, my late husband, said to me, ‘You always talk about food in this really confident way. You should write about it!’ So I did.

“I did this one-off book in 1998, so then I was asked to do TV and I said no, then I said, ‘Look, if I can do it in my own kitchen and I can be totally unscripted, I will do it’!

“I don’t do it in my own kitchen anymore but I won’t ever be scripted!”

In her column for the Times published back in August, Nigella spoke of the importance of “confronting fear” as she stepped down from her monthly column.

She wrote: “Shying away from something because it’s frightening is an insidious — if understandable — habit; confronting fear is the only way not to become its prisoner.

“Besides, before I stumbled into food writing, I’d had a 15-year career as a journalist, and I missed it.”

Simply Nigella will air on BBC Two at 7pm.

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