Nigella Lawson: We are now living in a crueller world

Nigella Lawson shares easy two ingredient pasta sauce recipe

But the mother of two says: “It seems to be a crueller world in terms of how we judge people now. “There’s this real impulse not to see people as human beings with feelings and anxieties.” In her 1999 TV cooking debut, Nigella Bites, she took son Bruno to nursery, wheeled him around a supermarket and splashed him in the bath.

But she told a BBC podcast: “I think it’s very harsh out there and it’s exhausting, so if I was starting off now, I wouldn’t want to be doing all that.

“I didn’t think it was an odd thing to do. I would now. I suppose when you start something you have a certain innocence.”

In 2013 Nigella’s personal life was in the spotlight when she and husband Charles Saatchi broke up and her two ex-assistants stood trial for fraud.

She is promoting her book Cook, Eat, Repeat and its accompanying BBC TV series. 

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But Bruno and his sister Cosima, now in their 20s, are nowhere to be seen in the shows.

Nigella says: “I think there has to be a balance between being guarded and oversharing and whether I get that balance right I don’t know.

“I don’t think there’s any getting it right.”

Nigella, who wrote the book alone in lockdown, says: “In writing about food you also think about the people you ate those things with.

“So in a way the book kept me company.”

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