Palace aides now claim Duchess Meghan *wanted* to be victimized

As we discussed, Kensington Palace wants to make it clear that the Duchess of Sussex is a bully. When anyone asks for specifics on what exactly Meghan did or said which was construed as bullying, we get radio silence. My Spidey sense tells me that this is just going to be an asinine repeat of the “Meghan made Kate cry at a pre-wedding fitting” story, a story which no one could pin down until we finally learned – through Tatler – that Kate wept over Meghan’s choice to not force children to wear tights at her wedding. Truly. While we wait to hear just what Meghan said to palace aides – “could you get me a cup of coffee?” or perhaps “can you research this charity and give me a one-page summary with bullet points?” – we are now being regaled with another Times of London exclusive, this one about how everyone bent over backwards to accommodate Meghan and that Meg was desperate to see herself as a victim.

In court papers for her successful privacy action against The Mail on Sunday, her lawyers said that when she was distressed by the negative stories in the media about her, her friends felt frustrated by the instruction from the palace communications team that they should respond “no comment” to allegations. That left her friends “rightly concerned for her welfare, specifically as she was pregnant, unprotected by the institution and prohibited from defending herself”, they said.

An alternative view, sources say, is that Meghan craved rejection from the moment she walked into Kensington Palace, and that nothing that anyone did would ever be good enough.

The palace knew that when Harry married a woman who was biracial, American and divorced, they had to go out of their way to make sure the marriage was a success: if it was not, the royal household and their supposedly hidebound ways would be blamed. “Everyone knew that the institution would be judged by her happiness,” a source said. “The mistake they made was thinking she wanted to be happy. She wanted to be rejected because she was obsessed with that narrative from day one.”

Lawyers for the duchess said this was entirely wrong. The duchess wished to fit in and be accepted and had left her life in North America to commit herself to her new role.

More than one source has expressed their view about her wanting to be a victim. One claimed: “She wanted to be the victim because then she could convince Harry that it was an unbearable experience and they had no choice but to move to America.” Lawyers for the duke and duchess denied this was true. Supporters of the couple have argued that Harry and Meghan were frustrated in their attempts to live their life in a different way.

Finding Freedom quoted a source close to the prince saying that “nothing could convince Harry that some of the old guard at the palace simply didn’t like Meghan and would stop at nothing to make her life difficult”. In her legal case against The Mail on Sunday, the duchess’s lawyers denied that the couple collaborated with the book. One source claimed that most of the tensions in the household at the time concerned the Sussexes’ relations with the media. “The way I see it, their view of not getting institutional support was that they were not getting permission to blow up the institution’s relationships with the media.” Again, lawyers for the duke and duchess deny this.

One conversation confirmed to The Times seems to reveal how much the palace was prepared to go out of its way to help Meghan. Before the wedding, the couple had a meeting with a senior aide who told them that the palace was doing everything it could to help and there was no need to think she had to take on her role in a particular way, a source said. If she was passionate about the acting world, they could help her to think about finding a role within the film industry.

The source said: “The entire place, because of everything about her, and because of what Harry’s previous girlfriends had been through, was bending over backwards to make sure that every option was open.” They said Meghan thanked them, but said she had no wish to carry on acting. Instead she wanted to concentrate on her humanitarian and philanthropic work, and to support Harry as a member of the royal family.

That might have been that, except of course it wasn’t. Part of the problem, according to the source, was that everyone in the palace was so genteel and civil; too genteel and civil: “When someone decides not to be civil, they have no idea what to do. They were run over by her, and then run over by Harry. They had no idea what to do.”

[From The Times of London]

“If she was passionate about the acting world, they could help her to think about finding a role within the film industry.” Buckingham Palace and the British media has been in crisis mode for the past 14 months largely because Meghan and Harry wanted to earn their own money and work outside of the monarchy. And now the same people who abused them claim that the palace establishment encouraged Meghan to pursue acting jobs? Yeah, no. And this whole “she wanted to be victimized” thing is gaslighting and shockingly vile messaging from Kensington Palace. Pure and simple. We all saw what happened to Meghan from the word go. Harry saw it too and it changed him and it changed the way he saw his family and his country.

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