Peloton CEO John Foley drinks water first thing every day until he feels like throwing up

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The NY Times has a new “day in the life” profile of Peloton CEO John Foley, 49, who co-founded the very expensive fitness equipment company in 2012. It’s a look into his Sunday routine, when he’s still sort-of working. I could relate to that because I don’t take a full day off on the weekends. John’s profile is getting the most headlines for his very weird habit of drinking “40 sips of water” from his hand at the bathroom sink first thing in the morning. He started doing this when someone told him the key to having a good day is staying hydrated. It sounds kind of punishing, like he’s been trying to prove something to himself. I was also struck by how many risks he’s taking during the pandemic. He still goes out to eat (although it looks like the place he mentions leaves their giant windows open) and he’s in “a pod within” his kids’ school. It comes across like he and his wife are socializing with at least a handful of people who come over to their house regularly. I have a lot of questions about people who do that. I would not be comfortable with it, especially if anyone has older kids who live with them. Here are some of those sections from that profile:

His morning routine
Twenty years ago a colleague told me the key to your day is to hydrate at much as you can, so the first thing I do is drink 40 sips of water from my hand at the upstairs bathroom sink. It’s efficient. I drink until I feel like I’m going to throw up water. Every day.

He takes his kids to activities then they go out to eat
And then a kid’s activity starts, for which my wife and I divide and conquer. Since Mae’s soccer ended two weeks ago, ice skating is her new anchor activity. She says she doesn’t like it because she’s not good, but we want to toughen her up (and get her outside). Coming off a soccer game, the place we loved and had been going to for 10 years, Hudson Diner, closed. Now, when I’m with Quinn, we go to this other pancake place on Hudson Street, Bus Stop Cafe. He orders strawberry pancakes; me, egg white omelet.

They have “a couple of people over” at night
Oftentimes Jill and I have a couple people over in the late afternoon. We’re in a pod within the kids’ school, which includes one of my best friends from business school, Amar Lalvani. We’ll all order sushi from Amber on Christopher Street, mix Manhattans, put the football on. It’s fun to have on in the background. Nostalgic, right? The sound brings me back to my childhood in Florida. We‘ll get the fire going and break down politics and life. Oh, and Amar is dating my ex-girlfriend, so we talk about girls.

At 8, we’re kicking friends out, which isn’t difficult since they’ve got kids too. Doing laundry, organizing clothes. Then at 9, when I want people to get ready for bed, I adjust the lighting again

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Peloton is launching a “cheaper” $2,500(!) treadmill in January and I think this was promotion for that. Their sales have of course skyrocketed due to people not being able to go to the gym. I started doing their spin classes with my used Schwinn and realized that the $13 a month I pay for the class subscription would increase to $39 if I decided to shell out over $2k for one of their Peloton bikes. I’m not kidding, they charge triple the subscription fee after you buy their equipment and there’s no way around that. Their classes are excellent though and I really like most of the instructors.

As for this guy’s lifestyle, I guess I’m not surprised that he’s still socializing. Of course it could be a limited number of people who super safe, but it really sounds like he hasn’t changed things much. I tried to google whether you should be drinking that much water and reports vary. I’ve heard you should have about a half gallon a day, but I’ve also heard that you don’t need as much water as people recommend. Surely you don’t need to drink so much at once that you feel sick.

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