Pictures of Kanye Wests Bizarre Antics During Deposition Leak

During the wild deposition that lasted only about 10 minutes, the Gold Digger rapper refused to stop playing on his cell phone and put on a mask with Jesus Christ’s image that ‘obscured his face.’

AceShowbiz -Pictures of Kanye West‘s wild deposition during which he flew into rage have surfaced online. Conforming previous reports, the rapper was seen wearing a mask with Jesus Christ’s image on it in some of the images.

The silver mask completely covered Kanye’s face with only small holes on it to allow some air in for him to breathe. According to AllHipHop which obtained the pics, the Yeezy designer put on the mask, which “obscured his face and muffled his voice,” almost 4 minutes into the deposition.

In another snap taken from the court-ordered deposition, Kanye, who was wearing a black hat without the mask on, looked down on something, possibly his phone. As reported before, the 44-year-old also refused to stop playing on his cell phone during the virtual deposition.

Kanye went belligerent during the court deposition with MyChannel earlier this month. At the time, he claimed the company was trying to rip him off, telling the company’s lawyer that the lawsuit was simply an attempt to “hold me up for some paper” and labeled the deposing lawyer as an “older white man” who was f**king crazy.

MyChannel’s lawyer Michael Popok further described Kanye’s bizarre antics, “When I asked him the most basic of questions ‘where do you presently live’ he angrily responded ‘I am getting a divorce’ or ‘the world.’ At one point he also declared that this was not a deposition for which he was sworn to tell the truth at all, but a ‘movie’ of his making that I was just a bit player in.” He added, “I asked him if in the this so called ‘movie’ he refuses to answer questions. He did not respond to that question either.”

MyChannel was asking the court to sanction Kanye for $63,000 for his actions and filed an emergency motion to haul the Atlanta native into court for a face-to-face deposition in July.

However, Kanye has fired back at the company, accusing it of violating the court order by publicly filing information about his depo, which he claims was under seal by the court. He is asking the court to deny their request and award him $14,882 in sanctions from the company MyChannel, instead.

MyChannel is suing Kanye for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement and stealing their technology. The company says they started working with the Yeezy designer in 2018 to create a technology that uses artificial intelligence to “incorporate e-commerce in video content,” but he decided to steal their idea for his Sunday Service platform and denied them of all profits on the deal.

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