Piers Morgan fires back at Dominic Cummings nasty arrogance over 8-month GMB boycott

Dominic Cummings: The Interview trailer released by BBC

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Earlier this month, Piers Morgan, 56, engaged in a late night Twitter spat with the former chief advocate to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, 49, as the two ripped into each other over the Government’s lengthy Good Morning Britain boycott. While Cummings told Piers that ministers had “better things to do”, the outspoken presenter branded him “gutless and pathetic” and has now hit out at his “nasty arrogance” on the situation.

I reminded everyone that it was him who stopped journalists like me asking vital questions when it most mattered

Piers Morgan

The TV star’s eagerness to hold ministers to account for the UK Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic appeared to rattle No10, who eventually ordered an eight-month boycott of all MPs appearing on the show.

But while the heated exchange is done and dusted, Piers continued to document his thoughts in his column for the Mail Online.

“Boris’ [Johnson] former chief aide Dominic Cummings was once again giving it the big ‘not me guv!’ one on TV and Twitter today [12 October], desperate to avoid any blame for his own culpability over the scandal,” Piers retorted.

“So I reminded everyone that it was him who stopped journalists like me asking vital questions when it most mattered.

“‘I banned them ’cos we all had better things to do than waste our time on a vain tool shouting angry soundbites and calling it news’, he snapped back.

“This response – the first direct contact I’ve ever had with Cummings – perfectly encapsulates the blinkered, nasty arrogance of a man whose own shockingly hypocritical actions did so much to damage public confidence in Government policy.”

Piers went on to relive the conversation they had, recalling his own response to the former minister.

“‘I don’t think you’re in any position to throw around the ‘vain tool’ slur,’ I replied.

“‘But good to see you finally admit you stopped me holding Ministers to proper account for their failures that cost 1000s of lives.

“‘Gutless & pathetic, like your lies over Barnard Castle.’”

There was clearly no love lost between the pair, as their fiery debate about the Government’s misdemeanours drew in the attention of fans, who found Piers’ last point particularly humorous.

Cummings made headlines after he made a 260-mile trip during the height of the first lockdown in March, after his wife displayed Covid symptoms.

He was later spotted 30 miles away visiting Barnard Castle, claiming he was “checking his eyesight” was good enough to drive home.

His actions sparked outrage across the country, with many calling for him to step down from his post.

While the Prime Minister was reluctant to fire his chief adviser, Cumming’s eventually quit over a different matter entirely.

The decision followed a bitter dispute, which also sparked the resignation of director of communications Lee Cain back in November 2020.

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