Piers Morgan furiously backed against ‘disgraceful’ remarks under Shirley Williams eulogy

Piers Morgan reveals that his book Wake Up is a bestseller

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Piers Morgan, 55, was among those paying their respects to former cabinet minister Shirley Williams, who died at the age of 90, the Liberal Democrat party has announced. But amid the sadness, some poked fun at the TV presenter, saying she was “everything he isn’t”.

Smart, warm, funny, challenging, impressive & tremendous fun

Piers Morgan

Taking to Twitter, Piers described the late politician as “impressive, warm and funny” and his critics couldn’t help but make a dig and compare them both.

“RIP Shirley Williams, 90,” the former Good Morning Britain star penned on the social media site in view of his 7.9million followers.

“A great politician & wonderful character. We did Question Time several times together & she was everything I hoped she would be.

“Smart, warm, funny, challenging, impressive & tremendous fun at the post-show dinner.”

While many fans paid homage to Shirley and her life’s work in the comments section, others felt the need to defend Piers after he came under fire from “trouble-makers” wanting to “cause a scene”, making it clear it wasn’t the time nor the place for such comments.

One retorted: “So she was everything you are not,” as someone else hit back: “Such a lovely chap aren’t you.”

The troll replied: “Unlike Morgan,” with the fan further defending the presenter: “And yet, here you are on his Twitter.”

A second disgruntled user used the same analogy, snapping: “Yes she was a wonderful character but not you Piers.”

Another rushed to his defence, replying: “We aren’t discussing Piers we are paying tribute to a lionesses of political opinion and correctness’s who truly tried to help people.”

“Nice eulogy,” a third mocked, “You’ve probably slagged her off in the past though so I’ll take it with a pinch of salt.”

The user was branded “nasty” by a fan who thought the comment was “unnecessary” given the circumstances.

A fourth troll brought Piers’ feud with Meghan Markle into the mix, penning sarcastically: “Am surprised you haven’t blamed Meghan for her death… RIP.”

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“That’s disgraceful,” someone else hit back, “Pick another of his tweet to do your haters comment.”

Piers has made it very clear in the past that he doesn’t care whether people like him or not, and has a hit back at the “vicious hate” he has received on social media after leaving GMB.

He previously warned he will out “two-faced tweeting chickens” who berate him online yet agree with him in private.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge has said the “nastiest and most hypocritical” offenders are those who appear to be the “kindest”, as he urged the likes of Twitter to clamp down on trolls.

Writing in his latest MailOnline column, he said: “Twitter and Facebook (which also owns Instagram) must do something about it or many more high profile people will leave too.

“The nastiest and most hypocritical offenders tend to be those pretending to be the kindest, especially during the recent Meghan/Harry/Oprah furore, which exposed toxic Twitter tribalism as a putrid cesspit of mindless threatening rage.”

The former GMB host added: “I could name a lot of well-known people who fall into this category of two-faced tweeting chickens, but I won’t… yet.”

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