Piers Morgan left Prince Charles and Camilla ‘completely horrified’ after discovery

Camilla 'was the UK's most hated woman' says Malone

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Piers Morgan, 56, said he was questioned by Camilla Parker-Bowles, 74, after the pair met earlier this year. The Duchess of Cornwall, who will be given the title of Queen Consort by Her Majesty when her husband becomes King, told the former Good Morning Britain presenter that she and Prince Charles were left “completely horrified” after a surprising discovery.

The Talk TV host detailed their encounter in his column back in February.

Piers shared that he had purchased one of Camilla’s rare artworks at a charity auction some years ago.

The Duchess of Cornwall was unimpressed after the outspoken journalist decided to hang the painting in his office for all to see.

Camilla is a keen amateur painter and Piers claimed that only one of her artworks has ever been sold – which he ultimately received.

Writing in The Sun, he began: “‘Hello, Piers, how’s my rhino?’ asked Britain’s next queen, Camilla [Parker-Bowles], the last time we met a few weeks ago. ‘I hope you’re still taking good care of it?'”

Piers made a candid admission as he revealed the painting is now hanging elsewhere.

He continued: “‘I am, Ma’am,’ I chuckled. ‘It’s still hanging proudly on my loo wall!’

“The Duchess of Cornwall is a keen amateur painter but has only ever sold one of her pictures, a watercolour of a large rhinoceros in the African bush which I bought at a charity auction in 2002 when I was editor of the Daily Mirror and stuck up in my office.”

Piers went on: “‘Charles and I used to see it behind your head when you did interviews, and we were always completely horrified!’ she told me, years later.

“Now the royal rhino resides in my own private throne-room, and in many ways perfectly symbolises Camilla’s own character.

“After all, rhinos are intelligent animals known for their very thick skin, stamina, resilience, hard work ethic and strong, versatile, protective personalities.”

The small-screen host went on to praise The Duchess of Cornwall who he has known for two decades.


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The ITV favourite believed that the two share similar qualities claiming that they are both “misunderstood” by others.

He wrote: “The real Camilla’s a smart, warm, incredibly down-to-earth, and gregarious person who’s not only terrific company but can make you laugh out loud with her dry dead-pan wit.”

Piers recalled having “fascinating” conversations with the royal covering a variety of topics from Donald Trump to Brexit.

He added that she has the ability to carry the royal family mantra of “never complain, never explain” a phrase the late Queen Mother once described as the art of being a popular royal.

Despite public scrutiny and criticsim over the years, Piers said that Camilla has “risen above the often viciously unfair fray with a grace and dignity”.

Elsewhere, the Duchess of Cornwall reportedly had to cancel her royal duties on Tuesday as she continues to recover from COVID-19.

Camilla and her husband, Prince Charles, both tested positive for Covid after the Prince of Wales was reinfected with the virus in February.

The Duchess of Cornwall, who has been fully vaccinated and boosted, went into self-isolation and received daily testing following the positive diagnosis.

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