Prince’s legacy at center of feud between Sheila E. and Apollonia

Prince is at the center of a feud between former paramours Sheila E. and Apollonia, four years after his death. Apollonia, band members, and sources, who worked with the “Purple Rain” legend are accusing Sheila E. of cashing in on his legacy.

They even claim Prince was estranged from the singer, and a source told Page Six he wanted nothing to do with her at the time of his death.

“He was pissed off because she put information about him in a book without his permission. They got into a huge fight and did not speak for five years. She was not allowed at Paisley Park. He wouldn’t allow her to come to shows. It was a complete shut-out … And now she acts like she’s the widow, ” the source said.

Sheila E. has been one of Prince’s most visible proteges’ since he passed away in 2016. She served as musical director of CBS’s “Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute to Prince” show that aired last week on the anniversary of his death.

“After Prince died, it seems like everything she does is focused around Prince or his legacy and it’s strange because we never saw her at Paisley Park,” Prince’s NPG sax player, Adrian Crutchfield, who joined his band in 2012 and played with him until his death, told us.

He added, “I never heard Prince say she’s not allowed [there], but there were definitely certain moments of shade if she was mentioned. And management did explain she wasn’t welcomed.”

Apollonia sounded the alarm on their relationship after Sheila E released the tribute song, “Lemon,” ahead of the anniversary show.

“You are so desperate to be relevant … Prince refused to acknowledge you for 5 years before his death because of your lies … He sent you legal letters as you were slandering him,” she wrote.

Reps for Sheila E. and Apollonia did not comment, but Crutchfield concluded: “I hope we can all learn how to go forth and … make sure, Prince comes first when it comes to his legacy.”

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