Puppy Attacked by Python in Australia, Saved by Heroic Owner

Pet ownership in Australia is freakin’ wild — snakes and other scary critters will try to eat your dog whole … like this one almost did.

Check out this scary footage of a carpet python latching on to a 9-week-old puppy named Jasper, trying to squeeze the life out of the pup in a backyard near Brisbane.

It happens in a matter of seconds — Jasper’s casually sniffing around when the python strikes from out of a bush. Jasper tries to squirm away, but the snake’s grasp is secure.

Thankfully, the owners realized what was happening and hurried out to free their baby canine from the serpent, but it wasn’t easy. You see them smack it in hopes of forcing the snake to let go, and even lift it up and swing it around while it’s still got a grip on Jasper.

The owner eventually manages to toss the python aside, and we’re here to tell you this story has a happy ending … for both animals. Jasper ended up being okay — aside from a bite in his ear, which his owners treated, he’s back to his usual self.

And, if you care, the python was said to be fine too. Reptiles, man — they’re something else.

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