Ralph Yarl's Family Says They Want Shooter to Spend Life In Prison

ralph yarl

The family of Ralph Yarl says justice can be served by locking up the 84-year-old shooter for the rest of his days … and forcing him to financially support the Kansas City teen’s future.

Ralph’s attorney Lee Merritt tells TMZ … the Yarl family sees life in prison as the appropriate punishment for Andrew Lester, the man charged with shooting Ralph after he mistakenly rang Lester’s doorbell. He also says all of Lester’s assets should go into a college fund for Ralph.

On top of that, the family’s calling on Missouri to implement more robust hate crime laws that could be applied in situations like Ralph’s. They also want the DOJ to perform a review of the KC Police Department’s to assess any possible internal racial biases in its practices, noting they don’t think the department took the incident seriously enough at first.

Andrew Lester

As you know, Ralph was shot twice by Lester last week, including once in the head — and police say Lester claims he thought Ralph was trying to break into his home. Lester surrendered to cops Tuesday, the day after he was charged with 2 felonies — assault in the first degree and armed criminal action.

Merritt says Ralph’s head injury damaged the part of his brain that handles emotions, so he’s been struggling with controlling them since the ordeal.

We’re also told the family’s looking at the possibility of a lawsuit against Lester as well as the city … because they had to fight so hard just to get Lester charged and arrested.

BTW — we spoke to attorney Ben Crump, who’s representing Ralph’s family, about how the teenager narrowly avoided death … and he echoed the notion that Lester’s been undercharged.

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