Ramon Reed Shows Empathy & Kindness In Exclusive ‘Just Roll With It’ Clip – Watch!

JJJ is so delighted to share this exclusive clip from an all new episode of Just Roll With It!

The video features Ramon Reed‘s Owen talking to his new friend, Kyle (Kei), and showing empathy and kindness to his situation.

In the episode, Owen befriends a new kid at school named Kyle. When he discovers that Kyle and his mom are homeless, Owen makes it his mission to help him.

“It is very important that young viewers understand and are aware that there are a lot of less fortunate people in our society and communities,” Ramon told JJJ about the episode.

“I hope they see that Kyle was in survival mode and his actions were not to hurt anyone,” he added. “His current situation is a place he doesn’t want to be in. I believe that this episode is an example of how you should be empathetic and show compassion to others and never jump to conclusions because you never know others’ circumstances.”

Tune in to an all new episode of Just Roll With It TONIGHT (November 20) at 8:26pm ET/PT on Disney Channel!

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