Rams Star Michael Brockers Says Matt Stafford 'Is A Level Up' Over Jared Goff

Michael Brockers is putting the argument to bed … the Rams star clearly believes L.A. won the QB trade with Detroit — telling TMZ Sports Matt Stafford is just better than Jared Goff.

“Is it a level up?” Brockers said when asked if Stafford was an upgrade over Goff. “In my heart, deeply, just understanding what [Stafford] brings, it’s a level up [over Goff].”

“It’s a level up.”

The Rams gave up Goff and a treasure chest of draft picks — including two future 1st-rounders — to get Stafford out of Detroit … and many felt L.A. was fleeced in the deal.

But, when we got Brockers — who’s started 136 games for the Rams since 2012 — at LAX this week … he told us he thinks the Rams’ front office did well in the swap.

“I don’t want to say a lock for the Super Bowl, but with having a quarterback like that,” Brockers said of Stafford, “and just seeing what we did last year and just seeing what he can bring to this team, there’s no wonder why we can’t [win the Super Bowl].”

There’s more … Brockers also said the Cardinals’ signing of J.J. Watt does NOT give Arizona the best defensive line in the NFC West — with the L.A. pass rusher saying that honor still belongs to the Rams!

Brockers even threw some playful shade Watt’s way … telling us, “We all know who the real 99 is!”

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