Rich the Kid’s Baby Mama Tori Brixx Arrested for Allegedly Punching 54-Year-Old Woman

The Instagram model is reportedly taken into jail after being involved in an altercation that turned physical with a soccer mom at Target, leaving the middle-aged woman with a broken nose and a black eye.

AceShowbizRich the Kid‘s baby mama Tori Hughes a.k.a. Tori Brixx has had a run-in with the law. The Instagram model was arrested on Monday, April 20 after being involved in an altercation with a soccer mom at Target in Los Angeles.

According to the daughter of the 54-year-old woman, the argument began as they were queuing at the cashier. The woman’s daughter claimed Tori tried to cut the line and demanded to check out first. The two women had a heated argument, which turned physical as Tori landed her fist on the woman’s face, leaving her with a broken nose and a blue eye.

“@toribrixx goes to jail for breaking my mom’s nose!! Have fun in jail momma,” the woman’s daughter posted on Instagram Stories, taunting the Instagram model. She shared a detailed account of the altercation in another post, writing, “Felony battery! She was booked. All for some Vaseline chapstick. Hope it was worth it.”

“She cut my mom in line demanding to checked out while my mom wasn’t even done with her transaction. Bishh starts threatening my mom and they began exchanging words…,” so she claimed. “Then out of nowhere she socks my mom in the face.”

The daughter went on trashing Tori, “@toribrixx YOU ARE TRASH!! You are a trashy IG H*e. Your eyebrows are so painted on it’s painful. Your azzzz is fake af…you honestly look like a chicken head in real life without your filters. You got money because your baby daddy has money sweetheart.”

“Your net worth is only 500k lmfao. I looked it up,” she continued her rant. “Hope the backseat of that cop car was comfortable with all the COVID and staph that probably got on your legs. They don’t clean the backseat often. That that cross off your neck. You don’t deserve to wear it.”

According to MTO, however, Tori claims that it was the middle-aged woman who skipped the tail. After she threw the punch, the injured woman called the Target manager, who contacted the police. Tori was later taken to the police station where she was booked for simple assault.

It’s not clear if Tori has been released and how much her bail is set at. She has not addressed the altercation nor her arrest.

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