Ricky Gervais Tempted to Make Police Report on People Defying Coronavirus Lockdown

During an appearance on ‘The View’, the ‘After Life’ comedian expresses his annoyance at others who are hogging the pavements and defying social distancing guidelines in Hampstead, London.

AceShowbizRicky Gervais has to resist the temptation not to report pedestrians when he’s out and about amid the coronavirus lockdown, because no one in Hampstead, London appears to be taking the health warnings seriously.

The funnyman often has to step into bushes and into the road because people are hogging the pavements and defying social distancing guidelines.

“People don’t know how to walk down the street any more,” he grumbles on “The View“. “They take up the whole pavement if there’s three of them, which means I have to go into the bushes or something to keep away from them. I’m gonna avoid getting the coronavirus but I’m gonna get Lyme disease or something.”

“I want to call the police. I wanna go, ‘People are breaking the rules’, but I can’t, because I’d have to give my name… It annoys me. People just don’t know. Just keep away from me!”

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