Romeo Miller Says Jordyn Woods ‘Messes Up’ His Bible Study With Naked Massage Video

Even though the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ star later backtracks his comment about the social media star, some people unfortunately don’t believe him and keep criticizing him.

AceShowbiz -Romeo Miller is having a hard time focusing on his bible study thanks to Jordyn Woods. In an interview with Page Six, the star who also goes by the name Lil’ Romeo admitted to feeling some kind of things after watching a video of the social media star getting a massage completely naked.

Romeo was talking about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s “WAP” music video when the topic suddenly shifted to Jordyn’s massage video. “I feel bad; that’s a family friend right there,” so the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star said. “I’m not supposed to see all of that. My little brother is friends with her little sister, so they always come over for Bible study. But after seeing that video I have to sit on the other side of the room. She’s messing up my Bible study now.”

His comment soon garnered attention with a number of people giving him all kinds of reactions. Some could relate to him, while some others were less than pleased. For instance, one of the people who didn’t like his comment said, “Omg men have no self control and they really want to dictate how and when a woman can show their body im over it.” Meanwhile, someone from the opposite side wrote, “It mesmerized me too and I’m gay chile !”

However, Romeo later clarified his statement and made it clear he was just being sarcastic. He said, “Never said she was messing up my Bible Study. and she’s a family friend, it was sarcastic as hell. That’s the internet tho.”

Unfortunately for him, some people didn’t believe his words. “He saw the backlash and wanted to backtrack. He clowned,” one person said. “you always lying trying to seem innocent you been done since you played with my sis Angela,” another person told him, while someone else wrote, “why say sarcastic shit when you know for fact it will be taken out of context . Smdh.”

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