Ruby Rose Reveals She Had a Crush on Her Co-Star’s Wife!

Ruby Rose is opening up about working with Jason Statham and crushing on his longtime love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The 34-year-old actress was asked about working with Jason on The Meg and if she ever was distracted by his good looks, despite being gay.

“He’s hot, and maybe it would have been tough if I was given the chance to only work with Jason, but the thing is he brought his wife, Rosie Huntington, and I’m just saying the distraction was elsewhere. Have you seen her?!” Ruby said on SiriusXM’s The Jason Ellis Show.

While Ruby did refer to Rosie as Jason‘s wife, it’s never been confirmed that they are married. The couple has been together for 10 years now!

Ruby recently revealed what played a factor in her decision to leave The CW’s Batwoman series.

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