S Club 7: Whatever happened to the band members?

S Club 7 was an iconic pop group that dominated airwaves and MTV throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s. The peppy group of seven became famous for number one hits like, “S Club Party,” “Bring It All Back,” “Don’t Stop Movin’,”and “Never Had a Dream Come True.” In 1999 and 2000, the group even starred in their own tv series, S Club in Miami and later S Club 7 in L.A., in which the group played versions of themselves. For a whole generation, there may never be another a party quite like an S Club party!

The family-friendly group and their upbeat, catchy pop music have pretty much become symbols of their time. It’s hard for any millennial to listen to the sunshine-infused music without feeling a twinge of nostalgia! But whatever became of the people behind the music? Here’s what happened to Bradley, Jo, Tina, Rachel, Hannah, Paul, and Jon of S Club 7.

Bradley McIntosh joined an unsuccessful boy band after leaving S Club 7

Bradley McIntosh was one of the three boys of the group. You may remember him as being the voice behind S Club 7’s hit “Don’t Stop Movin’.” As McIntosh was always one of the edgier members of the group, whose style often veered from pop into hip hop, it’s no surprise that he pretty much left pop music behind after the group disbanded in 2003. McIntosh joined the ranks of the band Upper Street, a group composed of ex-boyband singers (via The Sun). The group included members of New Kids on The Block, Steps, 911, and Another Level. Unfortunately, the group never really took off and just a month after the release of their first single in 2006, the group split up.

Since then, McIntosh has moved away from performing and into producing. According to his Instagram page, he is working as a songwriter and producer. He even owns his own production company called Citi Boy Entertainment Ltd. As if this wasn’t enough to show you that McIntosh is all grown up, he even has an adorable son, who turned three years old in April 2020.

Hannah Spearritt turned to acting after S Club 7 broke up

Upon seeing an old clip of S Club 7, Hannah Spearritt exclaimed on Lorraine, “I literally look like a 12 year old boy!” Since S Club 7 broke up in 2003, Spearritt has certainly come into her own — and said goodbye to her ’90s haircut! First, she bought her first house using the money she earned through S Club 7 (via The Telegraph). Next, Spearritt turned her focus to acting. She found some success as an actress, having secured roles in Primeval, Casualty, and EastEnders.

Spearritt doesn’t limit herself to roles in film and TV. She has also appeared in a few stage productions. In 2019, she played the fairy godmother in a pantomime version of Cinderella. As if Spearritt isn’t busy enough, her Instagram also revealed that she has plans to open her own gym in the U.K. She also gave birth to her first child in 2019.

S Club 7's Jo O'Meara kept on singing

After S Club 7 parted ways, Jo O’Meara used her powerful voice to launch a solo career, releasing her first solo single, “What Hurts the Most,” in 2005. Later that year, O’Meara put out a solo album, called Relentless. Unfortunately, the album wasn’t met with much success, and O’Meara’s solo career seemed to grind to a halt.

In 2020, roughly 15 years after her first album, O’Meara took to YouTube to announce an upcoming solo album, which is planned for release in 2020. Ahead of the album’s release, O’Meara also collaborated with award-winning musicians Paul Hardcastle Jr. and Zoe Alexandria. In April of 2020, O’Meara explained on This Morning that she had also been supporting British healthcare workers throughout the spring by singing their requested songs. What an amazing way to put her talents to good use!

Jon Lee became an actor after S Club 7 split up

Since his pop star days, Jon Lee’s career has taken a slightly different turn. These days, he’s working as a West End actor. According to Official London Theater, the singer-actor starred in in Oliver! prior to his S Club 7 days. Later, when he performed a song from the musical Les Miserables at a concert, West End producers contacted him to see if he would audition for a role in the show. Lee got the role and has gone on to have a thriving stage career, starring in Jersey Boys and Forever Plaid (via What’s On Stage). In 2018, Lee also turned to reality TV, appearing on the ITV show Dinner Date and looking for romance!

And what does Lee look like these days? Well, he looks remarkably similar to his early-aughts self. As Lee explained in an interview with The Voice of Reason, the star has a pretty regimented lifestyle that keeps him looking and feeling his best. He’s a vegetarian and frequently goes to the gym and practices yoga. Sounds like this S Club 7 alumnus has done pretty well for himself!

S Club 7's Rachel Stevens had a successful solo music career

Rachel Stevens went on to have a successful solo music career after S Club 7 parted ways. She released two solo albums — 2003’s Funky Dory and 2005’s Come And Get It. Her singles “Sweet Dreams My LA Ex,” “Some Girls,” and “More More More,” all peaked at the number two or number three spots in the U.K. charts.

While her solo career came to an end with her second album in 2005, Stevens has kept pretty busy. In 2019, she explained to This Morning that she was going on tour with the stage show Rip It Up: The ’70s. As Stevens explained, the show was all singing and dancing with a televised storytelling set in the 1970s. And, in 2020, Stevens revealed to the Daily Mail that her two daughters, Amalie and Minnie, may just follow in her footsteps. “We’ve always got music on in our house, my kids have now got the buzz,” she explained. “Amalie definitely wanted to be a singer, that’s going to be her career.” We can’t wait to see if Stevens’ daughters really do follow in her footsteps and bring us even more amazing pop!

Tina Barrett of S Club 7 released new music in 2020

Tina Barrett, like many of her fellow ex-band mates, has continued performing since S Club 7 broke up. The singer released a series of singles beginning in 2012, like “Fire,” “Makin’ Me Dance,” and “All Fired Up.” Apparently, Barrett was hoping to release a solo album, but it never materialized. Nevertheless, Barrett continues to release music; her latest single, “Mwah Mwah,” was released in January 2020.

Much like fellow S Club 7 members Jon Lee and Hannah Spearritt, Barrett seems to have a penchant for musical theater. In 2013, she starred in a production of Beauty and the Beast and, in 2014, she played the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. Barrett has had a pretty busy personal life, too. In 2016, she gave birth to a son, Roman. “He looked so perfect … I cried!” Barrett recalled to OK! magazine (via The Sun). Surely his first day of school in September 2020 was also tear-inducing! 

S Club 7's Paul Cattermole starred in a reality dating show

Former pop star Paul Cattermole had a rocky history with S Club 7, as he divulged to The Guardian. He and Hannah Spearritt dated on and off for five years, although he told the publication that the relationship was written into their show’s script. In 2002, Cattermole decided to leave the group, saying, “It had got to the point where things were being handled so badly, I had to go.” Cattermole confessed to The Guardian that the years that followed were tough, mostly because he never saw much of the money that S Club 7 made in their heyday.

By 2018, Cattermole was in serious debt — he was even found to be auctioning off his Brit Award on eBay. He later attempted to explain the decision on ITV’s Loose Women, saying he wished he’d have been able to sell the award quietly (via Evening Standard). In 2019, Cattermole appeared on the reality dating show First Dates Hotel. The S Club 7 star ended up breaking down in tears on the show after revealing that his unusual life has made relationships hard, as it’s caused him to hide his true self (via Daily Mail).

Former members of S Club 7 formed a breakaway group called S Club 3

Even though S Club 7 split up in 2003, some of its members actually continued to perform together. In 2008, Paul Cattermole, Jo O’Meara, and Bradley McIntosh reunited under the name S Club 3 (via The Guardian). The group toured clubs and student unions around the United Kingdom for years. According to HuffPost UK, which spoke to the group’s managers, the group was the brainchild of Cattermole and McIntosh who reached out to O’Meara about the project. Later, they pulled in Tina Barrett who joined the group. Cattermole left the group in 2015 and O’Meara, McIntosh, and Barett continued to perform as a trio. Over the years, other former S Club 7 members have made appearances in the group, including Hannah Spearritt in 2019. And, in August 2020, O’Meara left the group to focus on an upcoming solo album.

S Club 3 performed a lot of S Club 7 music, but in 2017, they released a brand new single. The song, “Family,” was released to raise money for The Rainbow Trust, according to The Sun. We can only hope that S Club 3 will continue to perform, and maybe we’ll even get more new music from them in the future!

S Club 7 got back together in 2015 for a reunion tour

For hardcore S Club 7 fans, 2015 was a special year. The entire gang got back together again for a brief arena reunion tour. While fans loved seeing the group reunited, the experience wasn’t exactly pleasant for everyone involved, according to former band member Paul Cattermole. He explained to NME,” There was a fall-out over whether we should be doing a dance troupe, Diversity-type show with choreography to backing tracks, or do what we’ve always done and have a live band.” He went on to say that he pushed so hard for live music that “there was even shouting.”

Based on Jo O’Meara’s interview with The Sun, it sounds like the entire group agreed that a one-off tour was best. “It was a reunion tour, it’s best to leave it short and sweet,” she said of the tour. However, in fall 2019, fans got some seriously exciting news when another potential reunion tour was announced by The Mirror. If the gang really are getting together again to celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2020, maybe we can still hold out hope for another studio album in the future! One can dream, right?

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