Selena Gomez Just Debuted Gorgeous Blonde Hair (Yes, Again!) on Instagram

IDK about you, but I personally count Selena Gomez as one of the most iconic brunettes of all time, right up there with Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn. (I’m a millennial Disney kid, okay? Sue me.) Despite being suuuuuch an amazing brunette, Selena seemed to be longing for a different hair color—you know, now that spring has finally sprung—because she is now blonde! Again!

Instead of posting the picture to her regular Instagram account, Selena opted to show off her new color on Rare Beauty’s page and wrote, “New look. Need to pick new Rare Beauty lip and blush shades now.” Truly, this shade of blonde is an entire mood, so much so that I am just itching to whip out the box dye!

A post shared by Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez (@rarebeauty)

Selena hasn’t made a major change like this to her hair for quite some time. As any good Selenator knows, she first went blonde back in 2017 shortly after ending her relationship with The Weeknd. TBH, the shades are pretty similar—Selena’s blonde ’do from then was just heavier on blending the roots and was ever so slightly warmer in tone. Remember this iconic look from the 2017 American Music Awards?

Bonus: Selena elevated the look in December 2017 and decided to get a sweet set of breakup bangs! You gotta admire her guts/my pimply, greasy forehead could never:

Not sure how long blonde Selena is going to last this time around—the first blonde dye job didn’t even make it to winter Fashion Week 2018, sadly—but let’s see how much fun she’s going to have with this new color!

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