Selena Gomez’s "Baila Conmigo" Lyrics In English Are So Flirty

Two weeks after announcing her upcoming Spanish-language EP Revelación, which is due out on March 12, Selena Gomez has now shared the second single off her record "Baila Conmigo." The title translates to "Dance With Me," so as you can probably tell, the message behind it is all about connecting with someone on the dance floor. You need to check out Selena Gomez’s "Baila Conmigo" lyrics in English in full because they’re everything.

"This has been something I’ve wanted to do for ten years, working on a Spanish project, because I’m so, so proud of my heritage, and just genuinely felt like I wanted this to happen," Gomez told Apple Music Beats 1. "And it happened, and I feel like it’s the perfect timing. Just with all the division in the world, there’s something about Latin music that globally just makes people feel things, you know?"

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