Seth Rogen Says ‘F**k You’ to Instagram Followers Supporting ‘All Lives Matter’

The ‘Knocked Up’ actor is not afraid of losing followers on social media as he encourages anyone offended by ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement to unfollow him.

AceShowbizSeth Rogen has torn into commenters on his Instagram page objecting to his support for the Black Lives Matter movement’s campaign to end state violence against African-Americans.

The “Knocked Up” star shared his outrage at the death last week of 46-year-old African American man George Floyd, after a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, knelt on his neck for eight minutes, and vocally backed Black Lives Matter in a follow-up post on Monday.

After sharing a picture of the slogan that doubles as the movement’s name on the social media site he wrote in the caption, “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.”

However, some refused to take the hint and posted the phrase “All lives matter” – a motto used by those who oppose the social justice campaign – in his comments, to which Seth repeatedly wrote “f**k off” and “f**k you” in response.

After one follower questioned whether recent videos of police brutality towards those protesting across the U.S. since George’s death told the whole story, the actor and filmmaker replied, “F**k off. You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my s**t.”

Fans were impressed with the star’s brusque brush-offs – with his name quickly trending on Twitter on Tuesday due to his no-nonsense retorts.

“Seth Rogen isn’t putting up with anyone’s bulls**t and I’m proud to say that I’m a fan,” one admirer, Shamar English, tweeted while another called him a “king” for his anti-troll diatribes.

Black Lives Matter protests have taken place in major cities across America, with President Donald Trump ordering National Guard troops to move on activists in Washington D.C. on Monday, and threatening to use the military to end unrest other states, against the wishes of their governors.

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