Shannon Sharpe Hoping Jay-Z Buys Commanders, Says It'd Be 'Great' For NFL

If Jay-Z can pull off a deal for the Commanders, Shannon Sharpe tells TMZ Sports it’d be HUGE for the NFL.

The Hall of Fame tight end broke it down for us at LAX earlier this month … explaining having a guy like Hov in the Washington owner’s box would do wonders for the league.

“It’s a good look,” Sharpe said. “It shows we’re trying to diversify and we’re trying to expand. And we’re trying to do the right things.”

It’s unclear if Jay has formally put in an offer to Daniel Sndyer for the team — but we do know he is interested in eventually submitting one with Jeff Bezos … if the two haven’t already.

The titans had a secret dinner in Los Angeles on Nov. 7 to discuss it all … and it seems if Snyder is truly willing to part ways with the org., the duo wants it.

Sharpe told us he thinks it’d all be “great” — adding that he hopes D.C. native Kevin Durant somehow finds a way to get involved too.

As for how they’d do if they eventually got control of the team — check out the clip, Sharpe clearly believes they’d have no issues finding success.

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