Sia Reveals She Cast Shia LaBeouf Before Kate Hudson in Upcoming Movie ‘Music’

Sia has revealed some surprising news about her upcoming movie, Music.

Speaking with Australia’s Studio 10, the 34-year-old musician opened up about the casting change for lead character Zu that happened very randomly.

“I was going to do a narrative film, and in fact, Shia LaBeouf was cast to play Kate [Hudson]‘s character,” Sia shared.

After setting up a meeting with Kate, the actress “said she was born to do it. She could sing, she could dance, she could do it all.”

Sia adds that the reason she re-casted the role with Kate is because she “liked the tone of her voice. I said, ‘Would you shave your head?’ and she said yes, and Bob’s your uncle.”

Music has been in news a lot lately, as Sia has been defending her choice to cast Maddie Ziegler in the role of the character, Music, who is autistic. This is in despite of Maddie not being autistic herself.

Sia has also come out with claims against Shia, following FKA twigs suing the actor for sexual battery.

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