Simon Rimmer: Sunday Brunch host admits he ‘had a little cry’ on the way to TV appearance

Steph's Packed Lunch: Simon Rimmer says he cried ‘this morning’

Viewers know Simon Rimmer, 57, as the bubbly presenter from Sunday Brunch, always cracking the odd joke and generally having a laugh on-set. But there’s another side to him the public may no have known – the Channel 4 star is very in touch with his emotions and likes to have a good old cry every now and again.

I had a little cry this morning

Simon Rimmer

Speaking to Steph McGovern and her guests on Steph’s Packed Lunch, the presenter wasn’t afraid to admit he enjoys celebrating his emotions.

“I love a good cry” he grinned as the conversation shifted.

Steph looked stunned: “Do you?” she asked.

“When was the last time you cried?”

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Football analyst Chris Kamara joked: “Onions!” as the studio audience laughed.

Simon giggled as he replied: “I had a little cry this morning when the car was late picking me up Steph, and I thought I was going to be late getting here!

“I can cry at anything!”

He admitted that even trivial reality TV turns on the waterworks for him.

“I can cry at the results show for Strictly, I get really emotional and obviously football makes me cry tears of joy at times as well,” Simon shrugged.

Steph nodded as she noted: “It’s good to be able to err…” she made a hand gesture to signify the important of showing your emotions as Simon turned to the audience who were listening intently.

“I like the response from the [audience],” he said.

“Maybe I’ll do a calendar where I’m just crying!”

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The studio cracked up as he painted a picture of him posing for 12-months of the year with kittens and tears streaming down his cheeks.

Before the show aired, Simon took to Twitter to share his “stressful” morning after he was late.

He wrote in view of his 270,000 followers: “On way to @StephLunch in Leeds.

“Traffic bad so I’m running late.”

Simon went on to admit that many people are aware that running late is difficult for him to deal with.

The chef added: “Anyone who knows me knows I HATE being late.

“So if I looked stressed at 12.30 you know why.”

Fortunately, Simon eventually made it to the show to film his segment alongside host Steph.

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