'SNL' Mocks Andrew and Chris Cuomo as Billie Eilish Hosts

‘SNL’ is nothing if not predictable, and they were true to form Saturday night when they skewered 2 recently-unemployed brothers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci — no, really it was Kate McKinnon — was offering advice on how to navigate the holidays in the midst of another COVID surge. There was some pretty funny role-playing … such as a worried passenger wonders out loud to a flight attendant about COVID and whether the mile-high club can get you pregnant.

But then the brothers Cuomo appear, and they introduce themselves this way … “Hello, I am disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo. I’m disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, and we both lost our jobs because of COVID.”

Ted Cruz is hilarious, as he pretends to have the last laugh in his war with Senator Bob Dole, who died last week. Dole famously said no one liked Cruz … well, watch the rest.

Billy Eilish was both host and musical act … not bad for a 19-year-old!!!

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