Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Talks Having 'More of a Voice' at 'Ellen'

Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker are gearing up for a busy fall. With three kids and growing careers — including Boss’ new role at The Ellen DeGeneres Show — the couple is all about finding new ways to stay organized. 

In an exclusive interview with ET’s Nischelle Turner, Holker gushed over her husband’s recent promotion to co-executive producer of Ellen. 

“I am so proud of his journey. When we first started dating, to see where he is now… he just has worked so hard for this,” she gushed. “Oh my gosh, he is the best representative for them. Honestly, I’m just proud of him and excited.” 

Boss was promoted after six years of serving as The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s resident DJ. The daytime talk show’s new season will premiere on Sept. 21, following workplace drama and other employee shakeups.  In a press release teasing the season premiere, DeGeneres promised, “We’re gonna talk about it.” 

“It’s full circle, and it’s a mental pinch that happens every day,” Boss told ET of his promotion, recalling his career trajectory since So You Think You Can Dance?

“As this last season [of Ellen] kind of wrapped up, everything that was going on in the social climate and everything like that, we started speaking to what was going on in the world. It just kind of happened naturally, that this is the way we’re going, and I love the new position,” he continued. 

“I have more of a voice,” Boss said. “Not only will I be on camera, but I will also be behind the scenes as well.” 

According to Boss, the Ellen team is “excited” to get back to work. “We are excited to bring the laughs and the love and that life back. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and a lot of things that need to be addressed,” he explained. “Just like the 17 season prior, we’re still going to enlighten the things that need to be enlightened with laughter, love and life.” 

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❤️❤️ @allisonholker #BecauseOfLove

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Holker and Boss’ newest joint project is one they’re excited to launch on Thursday — and use in their everyday lives to better function as a family.

While the couple is finding new ways to stay organized, they keep coming back to the same ways of staying connected and keeping their marriage strong amid all of life’s challenges.  

Some of our favorite nights are when we are dancing ❤️❤️❤️ #familythatdancestogether #thebosshouse @sir_twitch_alot @weslierboss @maddoxlboss

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“I know it sounds really cheesy, but we always are posting these dance videos, and I think a lot of people are always like, ‘Oh, how do you guys have time to do that?’ That’s us finding that time, because it’s important for us to connect in that kind of capacity,” Holker confessed. “When we create these dances, it’s a way for us to channel our energies together and just like, let go of everything else that’s happening in the world.” 

“We just get to connect, dance it out and have that like, 30 minutes of just us having a good time together,” she shared. “I really do think that our connection through dance is a huge part of getting us through this.” 

See more on Holker and Boss in the video below. 

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